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it jobs in delhi NCR Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited
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2011-08-25 01:05:14

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UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization,Graduation
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The priorities for the Learning and Development Solutions Group (LDSG) are to consistently deliver superior employee and customer development while solving the learning needs of Cisco’s business. To achieve these, LDSG develops, purchases, or partners with other organizations in the development of learning offerings, and then implements these offerings both internally at Cisco, as well as externally to Cisco’s partner organizations, across the globe. In order to meet these goals LDSG makes use of multimedia program managers in the development and management of all media aspects of learning offerings using different interactive modalities. Learning offerings are available to all job roles, and are variously focused on learning areas such as professional skills, business, products, solutions or architectures. In order to develop and manage the media in elearning, video, interactive PDF, interactive simulations, virtual classroom (WebEx) and other learning modalities, the Multimedia Program Manager is required to work with Instructional Designers, Technical Marketing Engineers, other organizations within Cisco, such as Engineering, Cisco Marketing Organization, Cisco Architectural Councils, field sales and engineering, Human Resources, and various other internal stakeholders. They may also be required to work with external consultants and vendors. The Multimedia Designer is required to take a systematic approach in designing and developing multimedia solutions for on-line training that aligns with the business initiatives and goals of the organization. Role: Under general supervision, the Multimedia Program Manager: • Plans, designs, and coordinates the production of specialized multimedia instructional products for a specified educational program or service activity, to include educational videos and associated aids, educational websites, and/or interactive web-based training programs with animation, video, and interactivity. • Works extensively with Instructional Design teams and Management to validate messaging/learning priorities and design deliverables which utilize the latest in multimedia and web-based technologies. • Works in a virtual team to develop/recommend appropriate media for course development. • Collaborates with internal team members, subject matter experts, Theatre teams, training vendors and consultants throughout the development cycle to build a dynamic learning solution. • Builds reusable, scalable components, infrastructure, and processes to enable innovation and teamwork. Multimedia Program Manager Key Responsibilities: • Works with Instructional Designers to analyze needs and to determine goals, objectives, and appropriate delivery methods and media for instructional products. • Plans, designs, and coordinates the development of video, audio and/or web based training products; works with Instructional Designers to effectively adapt curriculum content to prescribed medial delivery format, develops scripts and story boards, and establishes graphic design concepts. • Oversees, coordinates, and directs the production and final editing of media training products, ensuring conformance to specified educational objectives and professional production standards. • Plans, designs, and develops associated educational aids and materials, utilizing computerized graphic design and desktop publishing techniques and equipment. • Analyzes production timeline needs and coordinates the procurement of vendors/contractors. • Instructs, assigns work, and functionally supervises vendor/contract employees engaged in project specific work activities related to media development. • Complies with predetermined style guidelines and make recommendations. • Stay informed of new industry trends and tools in learning, including authoring platforms, technology, social media, and informal learning, and look for opportunities to apply these trends in development projects. • Reviews and develops processes related to the development and integration of media in learning offerings that increases efficiencies, improves quality, and leads to greater productivity. • Work effectively and efficiently within a larger Multimedia Team, setting up and utilizing best team-based development practices such as multi-person development models, file sharing, version control, and asset libraries. • Use expertise in tools and technology to maximize efficiency and quality of deliverables throughout the design and development cycle. • Consults with lead multimedia designer on audience usability and design elements • Performs miscellaneous job-related media duties as assigned. Multimedia Program Manager Required Areas of Competency: • Innovation / Creativity: Effectively uses multimedia development tools and strategies to develop media that expresses concepts, strategies, information and inspiration that affects the viewer in the desired manners. Constantly reviews developments in multimedia technology and works to identify new ways to present information using different media and media strategies. Identifies how new and/or different media approaches can be effectively used in learning offerings. • Collaboration: Establish relationships, networks and partnerships that include a broad range of people that contribute to project deliverables. Monitors feedback as related to media within the learning offering development and changes course where required. Develops media that is both scaleable and reusable. Works with other multimedia program managers to ensure a consistent and high level of quality in the media developed, and shares results of any new innovations identified. Works with internal team members to create effective learning offerings. • Critical thinking / Problem Solving: Based on experience and evidence, analyse, synthesize and evaluate presented issues, design requests, and other project related information in order to make a judgment, or consider the worth or relevance of media design and development for a project. Solve functional problems related to creating and editing multimedia content from storyboards. Solve media related process and tools related problems when requested from management. • Required skills: • Adobe Flash authoring • Familiarity with Audio and Video editing and optimization • Expertise in at least one of the following: • Programming (ActionScript 2 and 3, JavaScript, Pearl, etc) • Graphic Design (Illustration, Image Manipulation, Print Layout, etc) • Animation (2D, 3D, motion graphics, etc) • Audio/Video (Production capture, editing, compression, etc) Multimedia Program Manager Essential Job Responsibilities – : Reporting to their manager, the Multimedia Program Manager, working under limited supervision must be able to: • Integrate the elements of audio, video, still images, text and data for the delivery of interactive content. • Run usability tests for proof of concept. • Plan, design, and program key learning elements according to design guidelines and requirements. • Understand how multi-media treatment will be used in learning deliverables. • Comply with predetermined style guidelines and make recommendations. • Create high quality layouts and designs. • Provide Multimedia production services utilizing a variety of techniques and software tools (production to include web site layout, selecting media types and delivery platforms, creating storyboards and, create prototypes, produce content elements). • Devise creative ideas for video and/or multimedia treatments. • Advocate standard methods for multimedia production. • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. Unique Business/Technical Knowledge, Skills and Expertise – : • Knowledge and understanding of the instructional systems design process. • Knowledge of adult learning theory. • Ability to work in and manage large, complex projects. • Organizing and coordinating skills. • Knowledge of principles and practices of graphic design. • Ability to interpret, adapt, and apply guidelines and procedures. • Ability to evaluate and edit the content, structure, and format of a range of written material. • Knowledge of instructional video production principles, methods, techniques, standards and tools. • Ability to utilize professional audiovisual facilities and equipment. • Knowledge of desktop publishing methods, procedures, and requirements. • Skill in the use of computers, instructional media and graphic design programs, and relevant authoring and programming languages. • Effective communication skills: written and verbal • Organizing and project coordination skills • Working knowledge of web design and development and various web related technologies including: HTML(at the intermediate to expert level), XML (layout and coding), JavaScript, and Flash • Demonstrable expertise in Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks, and at least two of the following: • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Adobe After Effects • Adobe Soundbooth • Adobe InDesign • 3D (Lightwave, 3DS, Swift 3D) • Solid foundation in User Interface Design and general usability, creating intuitive user controls and interfaces for multimedia products. • Ability to create interactive elements as well as animation (buttons and frame actions) • Basic knowledge of action scripting (using Instance properties, events) • Knowledge of shape tweening and how to apply alpha effects • Working knowledge of dragable movie clips • Ability to organize Flash timelines efficiently • Ability to publishing Flash (photography compression, audio, video). • Working knowledge of how audio and video works within Flash • Working knowledge of visual design tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash • Exhibit high attention for detail and low tolerance for defects and errors • Video and multimedia writing experience • Detailed understanding of web design/development concepts and techniques • Awareness of industry standards (such as SCORM and AICC) and their application in e-learning content development • Ability to understand and with direction interpret educational needs and to develop effective instructional media solutions Requirements:   m
 Company Profile

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\r\n \r\n Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications today and Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of these networks. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals, companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. The Cisco name has become synonymous with the Internet, as well as with the productivity improvements that Internet business solutions provide. At Cisco, our vision is to change the way people work, live, play and learn.\r\nCisco was founded in 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Since the company\'s inception, Cisco engineers have been leaders in the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. This tradition of innovation continues with industry-leading products in the core areas of routing and switching, as well as advanced technologies in areas such as Home Networking, IP Telephony, Optical, Network Security, Storage Networking and Wireless LAN.\r\n Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd. commenced operations in 1995 \r\n India, as a region, is part of the APAC theater \r\n Cisco has 7 Sales Offices in the region - New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad. \r\n India headcount is 7000+, including R&D, sales and business support staff \r\n Cisco Global Development Center is in Bangalore, this is the largest outside of the US \r\no Joint Development Centers with Wipro Technologies and Infosys Technologies in Bangalore; HCL Technologies in Chennai and Zensar Technologies in Pune\r\n Ciscos go-to-Market strategy is through Channel partners \r\no 1200+ Partners \r\no 10 Gold Certified Partners Datacraft, HCL Comnet, AT&T, IBM, Wipro, British Telecom, HCL Infosystems Ltd., TCS, Orange Business Services, Bharti Airtel Services Limited \r\no 8 Silver Certified Partners Velocis (formerly Integrix), Proactive, Locuz, PC Solutions , Nirmal Datacomm, SK International, Allied Digital Services ltd and Tech Valley (Bangladesh) \r\no 4 Distributors Ingram Micro, Redington, Compuage and Comstor \r\nSupport and Service Extensive support system for customers with 17 logistics centers (premium depots). Besides that, Cisco is the only vendor to have a support program called ARNBD (advance replacement next business day) for its resellers\r\nCisco Capital was launched in 2005 to offer flexible leasing and financial services to customers and partners\r\nCurrently, there are over 170 Cisco Networking Academies across 22 states & union territories with 22455 Active Students, 25.9% of which are women students. Overall these academies have impacted 46291 students since the program inception in India. India has over 81,658 Active Cisco Certified Professionals of which 66,719 are CCNA Certified.\r\n
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Nita Fernandes

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